Asset Valuation

We undertake valuation for all purposes including sale or purchase, insurance, public issues, receiverships, compulsory acquisition, mortgages of commercial, residential and industrial properties e.t.c.

Our many years of professional experience in carrying out valuations of various complex and non-complex assets, for several purposes and many individuals and organizations, both in the private and public sectors puts us in the best position to provide sound professional opinions as regards the value of your Property / Assets.

property valuation

Property/Assets are store of money and it is very crucial to know the real value/worth of your Property/Assets at every point in time. This gives you the confidence and assurance of making good and informed decisions as regards these assets, either you are demanding or supplying them.

Professional Valuations can show you the following:

  • Mortgage Value
  • Insurance Value
  • Land use charge
  • Sale or Purchase Value
  • Rental Value
  • Financial leverage

Carry out a valuation of your property; it is always in your best interest. The aggregate benefit far outweighs the cost.

Toyofadipe & Partners undertakes valuations covering the following assets amongst others:

  • Land and Buildings
  • Plant and Machinery
  • Motor Vehicles
  • Household and Office
  • Furniture, Fittings and
  • Equipment
  • Intangible Assets i.e. Goodwill.

Real Estate Advisory / Investment Advice

In addition to Valuations, the Firm is also in a position to offer advice to individuals and organizations on matters relating to property investment and management, if desired.

We have acquired considerable experience in these areas, having carried out appraisals and analysis of numerous projects in the past.

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