Feasibility and Viability Studies

With our knowledge of the property market, we are in a position to advise as to what development the market would accept for a particular site.

Studying property development scenarios over the long term requires anticipation and a 360° view of the market. Our understanding of the property lifecycle ensures you receive a realistic project assessment, appropriate to your economic, strategic, and political constraints.

Feasibility and Viability Studies

It is prudent that before embarking on a property development project, an Estate Surveyor and Valuer should be commissioned to carry out a pre-investment study.

Such a study will determine what is appropriate for a particular site as distinct from determining whether the proposed line of investment is viable.

Having determined what is appropriate for a site, the Firm will prepare a proper feasibility and viability study after obtaining the inputs of other professionals to determine whether the scheme, as designed, is viable or not. It is not unusual for such a scheme not to be undertaken or modified thereby saving the investor potential losses.

We produce realistic and relevant assessment for development projects.

Gain the benefit of our comprehensive knowledge of the property business, and objective, reliable decision-support tools in:

  • Offering a qualitative and quantitative analysis of the proposed options
  • Financial modelling of each scenario (costs, risks, P&L, cash flows)
  • Establishing residual valuations
  • Building the business plan for your project alongside you
  • Assessing target locations and transport services
  • Modelling the overall project plan for the scenarios examined

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