Property & Facility Management

Our management team is made up of competent property managers who can significantly add value to your property

For every client we apply a unique decision support tool in conjunction with performance reports for active asset management, allowing landlords to identify poorly performing properties and examine the options available to deliver the best outcomes for themselves and their tenants.

Whether working across rural, residential, or commercial properties, our experts always tailor their services to your needs, with the main objective of achieving value for money at the forefront of their advice.

Our Facility Management Programme

As Facility managers who transact daily with new and old facilities and real estate developments we are aware that many of these facilities are adequately equipped with a variety of plant, machinery and equipment:
These may include but not limited to;

  • Standby generators
  • Inverters/UPS systems
  • Goods and passenger lifts
  • Swimming pool and pool house
  • Air-conditioning system
  • Door entry phone mechanism
  • DSTV cable facilities
  • Deep Boreholes
  • Ample lawns and gardens
  • 24 houses security service, etc.

We shall apart from ensuring that the facilities are appropriately maintained at all times, also deal with all occupancy/tenancy matters. We equally liaise with public utility providers like PHCN, Waste management companies, the water board, the tenement rate office, etc.

Property Management

We perform functions as seeking and obtaining tenants for vacant apartments/properties, negotiating and collecting rents from tenants, ensuring that tenants comply with the covenants contained in lease agreements, attending to the numerous complaints from tenants such as repairs etc., as well as carrying out such other functions that will keep the Property in such a manner/state (excellent shape) that will ensure maximization of the investor’s return at all times.

property management

Our Property Management Programme

Upon successful letting of the property, we propose to undertake the management of same. As is usual and expected of Managing Agents to any property and as also mentioned in our value proposition above, the services we intend to carry out are as follows:

  • The keeping of property records and register, and ensuring that notices to renew and or determine leases, exercising options, etc., are taken up at their appropriate dates;
  • Collection of rents and other cheques and prompt payment to your good self, including the submission of bi-annual statement of income and expenditure;
  • Dealing with lettings and re-lettings and ensuring thorough liaison with your solicitors, that all leases, tenancies etc. are properly documented and that necessary consent are obtained;
  • Regular inspection of property to ensure that tenants comply with their repair and maintenance covenants, including assessing and negotiating dilapidation’s – the responsibility of tenants;
  • Dealing with rates and ensuring prompt payment by those liable either by contract or by law;
  • The arrangement for and supervision of all necessary repairs and maintenance works including service contracts and the employment of property or estate staff;
  • Regular review of the potential of the property;
  • Promotion of tenants and occupants’ association with a view to ensuring a smooth and cordial relationship;
  • Annual insurance valuation of the property thus ensuring that adequate cover is taken from an Insurance company of repute;
  • Administration and control of estate staff thus ensuring that not only are they responsive to us but also to tenants who may draw their attention to lapses if and when the occasion demands;
  • Security.

Our Facility/Property Management Value Proposition

Here are some of our many value propositions as regards managing your property:

  • Higher quality tenants
  • Fewer costly and time-consuming
  • Legal problems
  • Shorter vacancy cycles
  • Better tenant retention
  • Tighter rent collection process
  • Assistance with property taxes
  • Lower maintenance and repair costs
  • Increase the value of the investment
  • Personal benefits for owners

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